Looking beautiful is not a vanity but necessity in today’s world. Anyone who has expression lines will benefit by BOTOX.
It’s a myth “ I may struggle to express after taking BOTOX “.
It’s important to get BOTOX done from a trained medical doctor only who understands the dosage requirement customized to your face and helps to get rid of your unwanted expression lines and not your expressions.
Botox is a natural purified protein produced by Clostridium Botulinum Bacteria type A. Its a simple non- surgical physician administered procedure for management of expression lines.
Lines are formed due to over activity of facial muscles .Of the anti- ageing creams applied , very less amount is absorbed into the skin and do not reach the target muscles. BOTOX injected reaches the target muscles and bring the changes required while creams fail.
BOTOX acts on the muscles that causes expression lines and relaxes it , so that the lines are not formed.
When BOTOX effect wears off , the muscle returns to its normal activity . You will look the way you looked before the treatment.
It is a short duration procedure and the results last for 4 – 6 months .It can be used for crow’s feet , frown lines , forehead furrows , jaw reduction , neck bands , excessive sweating , eyebrow shaping and to uplift the drooping corners of the mouth.
It’s not recommended for people with infection at proposed site of injection , neuro- muscular disorders , pregnant and lactating mothers.