Appliance single session. The services we offer include:
• Electro Therapy.
• Manual Therapy.
• Core Stabilisation.
• Posture Correction Advice.
• Dedicated Spine Clinic.
Asian Roots’ core expertise in physiotherapy lies in the knowledge of experienced physical therapists who specialise in the assessment and treatment of musculoskeletal injuries.These types of injuries have a host of sources–they may be sustained during strenuous sporting activities, caused by the onset of degenerative diseases, or simply a by-product of bad posture. Musculoskeletal injuries lead to disability and chronic pain, poor performance, and a diminished quality of life, thereby debilitating the individual both mentally and physically.
Our expert treatments have a two-fold trajectory. We aim to provide result-oriented treatments for your problems and symptoms first, by way of diagnosis and thereafter, with all-encompassing treatments to ensure pain-free movement.

To begin with, the examination of predisposing factors is an important aspect of complete injury management. Our professional physiotherapists begin each session with a complete assessment of the patient’s joints and muscles along with an evaluation of the symbiotic relationship between the patient’s nerves and their experience of pain. We don’t believe physiotherapy should exist in a vacuum and so, we encourage all our patients to embrace complete rehabilitation through procedures like posture correction and dedicated exercises in addition to target-area-specific treatments. To fully augment the rehabilitation process, we recommend Manual Therapy and Electro Therapy.